Friday, March 11, 2011

Early Morning Visitors

Every spring and fall we get wild turkeys.  They arrive in groups (flocks?) of 20-30, scouring the pastures for bugs and other tasty treats.  I don't know where they go in winter and summer, but they only visit our house in spring and fall. 

This morning, I saw that they had returned.  There was a gang of more than 20 turkeys making their way through the pastures.  The toms were strutting their stuff, feathers fluffed up and gobbling away.  I had to get a picture. 

Our house has a wrap around porch, so I went out the door opposite from where the turkeys were.  I then proceeded to sneak around the side of the house.  I didn't want to scare the turkeys off.

Sneaking up on the turkeys.

My cunning stealth was working!  The turkeys hadn't even noticed me.  The toms were still busy displaying for the hens.  This was going to be a great picture.

I started slowly moving into position, trying to get the best angle without scaring the turkeys away.  Just as I was about to snap The Perfect Shot, a hurricane of toddler proportions went blasting past me, gleefully yelling: "Mommy, Mommy!  Look!  Turkeys!  Gobble, gobble!"  My daughter had followed me out onto the porch.  And she was not using her inside voice.  The turkeys scattered and my perfect shot was gone...

Even the horse looks startled.

Oh well, maybe they'll be back tomorrow.


  1. Oh, well, kids are like that. Great story. I liked your pictures of turkeys even from far away.

  2. Love this post. You've earned the smile of the day.

  3. Turkeys are beautiful, I did not know there were still many wild turkeys thanks!

  4. Just wait until she comes out running with a B-B gun or slingshot. Then you need to worry. Or just plan a good feast for dinner! ;-)


  5. I think you got a really good shot anyway. Turkeys are hard to photograph because I think they think we with cameras are those with guns. Every time I try to sneak up on them at the farm, they scatter. But at least your daughter got a big thrill even if she scared them off.

  6. What fun to see a flock of turkeys. They are very people shy . . . I have done the same thing. Still - though we do not mean to scare them - it is great to see such a large bird take off and soar! They are eating lots of bugs and do dine on ticks I have read. Very welcome guests here too.

  7. Masha- Thanks, I just wish I could have gotten closer!

    Carolyn- I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    falconelvento- We have a lot of wild turkeys here. They are really beautiful, my pictures don't do them justice.

    Mandy- *LOL* She is half cajun, it wouldn't surprise me!

    gardenwalkgardentalk- She was very excited when they all took off, it made her day!

    Carol- I'm always surprised at how well they can fly. They flew all the way up into the tree tops! They go through my pastures looking for the bugs in the horse manure, which keeps the flies down. Very welcome guests, indeed!

  8. We just saw some turkeys in one of the fields near our house this week too. Love the story. Children!!!!


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