Sunday, June 5, 2011


The rain has cleared and it's warm and sunny.  The warm, wet weather has brought my flowers out in spades.  Including some flowers that I don't really want to see. 


My spring veggies are going to seed.  Bummer.  They were so tasty, I wish they would stick around a little longer.

But all is not lost.  Those flowers produce seeds, and those seeds will grow a new crop of cool season veggies in the fall. 

Chinese broccoli with seed pods

I only wish I'd managed to get a radish to eat.  They never did set a good root.  Actually, I've never gotten them to set in the spring.  They do wonderfully in the fall, though. And the flowers are quite pretty.

Radish Flowers

But not as pretty as the arugula.  I love the purple streaks through the petals.

Arugula flowers

Everything in this bed came from George of From Seed To Scrumptious.  I named it "George's Garden".  Those dandelions were almost too beautiful to eat, but they were also too delicious to leave alone!

Who says a veggie garden can't be pretty? 

I do see some blooms that are welcome in my veggie garden, though.

Tomato Flowers!

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