Sunday, June 5, 2011


The rain has cleared and it's warm and sunny.  The warm, wet weather has brought my flowers out in spades.  Including some flowers that I don't really want to see. 


My spring veggies are going to seed.  Bummer.  They were so tasty, I wish they would stick around a little longer.

But all is not lost.  Those flowers produce seeds, and those seeds will grow a new crop of cool season veggies in the fall. 

Chinese broccoli with seed pods

I only wish I'd managed to get a radish to eat.  They never did set a good root.  Actually, I've never gotten them to set in the spring.  They do wonderfully in the fall, though. And the flowers are quite pretty.

Radish Flowers

But not as pretty as the arugula.  I love the purple streaks through the petals.

Arugula flowers

Everything in this bed came from George of From Seed To Scrumptious.  I named it "George's Garden".  Those dandelions were almost too beautiful to eat, but they were also too delicious to leave alone!

Who says a veggie garden can't be pretty? 

I do see some blooms that are welcome in my veggie garden, though.

Tomato Flowers!


  1. My radishes, that have gone to seed, attract more butterflies than anything else in the garden!

  2. A few seeding here too. I always chop off the flowers and try to push the veggies a bit.

  3. We got frost here in the California mountains so we lost all our seeds as well. I remember the pretty dogwoods from my years in New Jersey. I'm sure you will have a great summer garden.

  4. I love my radishes and plant them out in early April here under a row cover...they grow wonderfully and I have put in some more since the weather has been up and the veggies going to seed....I never have enough room so I pull them and plant other veggies in their place...if the next group doesn't roo then they will be replaced by carrots and beets...

  5. Arugula flowers are some of my favorites, too (at least, among veggie flowers). The bees love them so much, though I don't know how appealing arugula honey would be.

  6. My Tatsoi and Pac Choi were the first to bolt, and now the Mizuna. I used to pull them out as soon as they'd bolt, so I could get the next crop in, but now we have bees we think a little a differently. I actually enjoy their cheery blooms, although like you I'm always a little sad that they've stopped producing their tasty leaves. The tomatoes though will make it all worth it!

  7. So nice flowers! I had a bunch of my greens bolting too. They suffered from a sudden change to hot weather we had and just starting popping flowers everywhere

  8. Shannon,
    Miss reading any updates, sure you are busy and hot. The raspberries that received the horse manure gift are sooo tall. If I can get them enough water, it should be a great crop. Thanks,

  9. I let all the bolting lettuce stay in the garden this year. The flowers were really pretty. I see you did too!

  10. Yes your flowers look beautiful! and i love the Arugula (i didn't even know they had flowers!).

    And thank you for sharing your "horse" story with me. I loved to read it.


  11. Antigonum the inquiring visitor wonders...How, when NJ became the Garden State? Being neighbors for 13 years I wonder. By the way, have you visited the Iron Bound? That formerly Portuguese enclave has some of the best food we had during our exile in Manhattan...

  12. What a wonderful day in spring. Good to highlight vegetable flowers. Pretty flowers and delicious greens to enjoy!


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