Friday, March 25, 2011


Pansy, overwintered from last fall.

Everywhere I look flowers are blooming.  Not on my property, though.

Sand Cherry, Prunus x Cistena

We have a bit of a microclimate thing going on here.  We're situated in the middle of several wide open fields and tend to get a lot of wind.

Ornamental Weeping Cherry

 Even though we also get a lot of sun, it seems that we're always a bit colder than more sheltered areas.  So, even though there are daffodils and fruit trees blooming up the street, my flowers are hovering right on the brink.

Ornamental Pear

 Oh well.  They'll bloom in their own time....



  1. I have been saying it for two weeks now.... Spring is coming!...

    And today we have 30 degrees and snow flurries...

    Love your pictures!

  2. It looks like your daffodils and flowering trees will burst into bloom very soon, take heart. We have had weeks of relentless rain, so I also find it hard to believe that spring is coming, but it is.

  3. Summer is the time of full glory, but you're right - in spring you have to look close. Nice pics. Looks like everything is ready to burst open!

  4. Usually my micro climate helps with all the masonry in my yard, but the temps remain low and the buds hold tight.

  5. My microclimate here is warmer than average because of ocean on 3 sides vs even a mile inland. That said, my garden wall that gets the south sun doesn't get it till about March 1 or so, going from no sun, to full sun in a matter of days after the angle of the sun clears the large house directly beside me. The result is same as yours...things bloom later than everywhere else around me in the early spring. That said, it kind of makes me smile when my lady banks is still around and blooming its head off several weeks after everyone else's has turned back into bush form.

  6. We live in a deep valley and it seems to have put us in a little microclimate of our own - my flowers bloom later than the rest of the area. We are still snow covered here. You are well ahead of us. Those daffodils are sure to bloom in the next few days.
    P.S. I love the image of the chickens sitting on the fence just watching the neighborhood's coming and goings.

  7. It really has been unseasonably cold. Even though I live in a sheltered south facing spot, many things are late. I would be happy with the mid-forties all day and sun.

  8. We were very cold this weekend so even in the south, we are not so warm and sunny. But it looks like everything is on the brink of blooming.

  9. Spring has been very fickle this year too ... will be happy to see it's true face!


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