Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Anticipation Is Killing Me....

It's been raining here for a week.  No sun at all, just gray and wet.  But this afternoon the sun finally broke through the clouds!  And what did I see?

'Marmalade Skies'
My roses are getting ready to bloom!

'Midnight Blue'

I can't wait!



  1. Oh, pretty!!! Did these replace the photinia? You did a good job picking them out - I think these have good reputations. Enjoy their beauty!

  2. I have to say congratulations on seeing the sun. We had a few hours of sun today between rains. I actually worked in the garden lightly trimming up boxwood. Even got a blister from it with no complaints. But no roses yet here. Great to see them blooming in the Garden fitting.

  3. ohh that looks promising!
    And yes we miss the sun too!

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures

  4. Great shots of beautiful roses!

  5. Lovely roses, I hope they smell good for you!

  6. I expect that once the clouds finally part you'll be greeted with a profusion of blooms, all thanks to the rain! ;) How exciting!


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