Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Have Celery!

Well, the beginnings of celery, anyway.  This is actually the easy part.  Getting seeds to sprout is usually no problem. Keeping them alive until it's time to plant, then protecting them from frost, heat, drought and free range chickens is the hard part. 

"Did you say 'celery'?"

1 comment:

  1. Shannon, I have never grown a good stalk of celery, though not through lack of trying. It likes a lot of water, and probably a lot of mulching to blanch it a bit. Had a couple of plants given to me last year that I let go to seed. And seed they did. I had millions of baby volunteers in the fall spreading in a pretty wide area. Some of the babies were lucky to put down feet in the cold frames. Looking forward to see if they survive the winter. It is still cold, snowy and icy this morning. Made my first trek to the cold frames, they are covered in snow. Back to planting seeds. Think warm thoughts, George


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