Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun Things To Do With Zucchini

It's winter now, and the garden is sleeping.  But, soon it will be that time of year, when things are growing and fruiting.  Soon we'll be asking ourselves that age old question: "What the *%*$ am I supposed to do with all these zucchinis?!"

Ah, the humble zucchini.  It's an amazing little plant.  Easy to grow, hardy, prolific, and tasty.  It can be grilled, baked, roasted, stuffed, boiled, steamed and turned into cake.  A single plant will provide you with more fruit than you can stand for most of the growing season.  You have to make sure to harvest every single day, though.  Or else......

I'm usually very careful to get every zucchini off the plant, but occasionally I miss one.   Last year I found a monster hiding under a leaf.  It was a veritable Zucch-zilla.

What does one do with such a monstrosity?  Naturally, you take pictures.  I posed it next to things, so the observer could get an idea of it's size. 

It's bigger than a baby.

It's almost as big as a horse's head.  That's a big horse, by the way.  I wouldn't try to cheat by posing the zucchini with a pony.

Then I got creative.

I put the zucchini to work.  Mowing the lawn is such a chore, much better to have the produce do it.

Ummm, pretend you didn't see that.  I was really bored that day.

I couldn't bring myself to cut it up.  You can't just destroy a fruit that awesome.  Especially one that mows the lawn.  Then a funny thing happened.  The zucchini turned orange.  I displayed it with the pumpkins.

Even stranger still, it never went bad.  I still have it.   It's lasted as long as the winter squash.  I don't even keep it in the basement for storage.  It lives on the windowsill in the sunroom.

So, remember:  Always pick your zucchini every day!  Or else.......


  1. Thanks for a much needed chuckle:-]
    or perhaps I should say, guffaw!!!
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

  2. I was scrolling through my google blog reader and the top picture made me laugh out loud. That baby has it right. Every year during zucchini and squash season I feel like they are coming out of my ears and I don't even grow them. Just apparently everyone else does and keeps pawning them off!

  3. Shannon, thank you for making me laugh. That zucchini is really impressive (or is that baby really tiny?). And the horse didn't eat it?

  4. Shannon, I love the zucchini changing allegiance to find new orange friends. Pretty clever. I seem to have a short zucchini season now, as the plants find some way to die off. One day there is tons of production, then it's done.

  5. I love the zucchini in the dress. Come clean, I know you have named it!

  6. I remember growing up (in NJ) the first year my Mom had a veggie garden. She put in 12 zucchini plants for our little family of four. We had zucchini coming out our ... ears. The neighbors would lock the doors and draw the shades when they saw her coming, for fear she was going to gift them with more zucchini.

  7. Bwahahaha!!!! That is hilarious. This year you can grow a little (or big?) family to go along with the grand-daddy of zucchini. :)

  8. Alice- Glad I could share my zucchini fun!

    Jess- In the summer I make a rule that in order to get tomatoes or eggs from me they have to tke zucchini, too!

    Masha- I think the baby was about two months old there, and he's a chunker! The horse did try to eat it, I had to rescue my poor zucchini after I got that picture.

    George- I've gotten squash vine borers on my zucchini before, which killed them mid season. Other than that, I don't have too many problems. Which is a problem in of itself, zucchini are prolific!

    lifeshighway- What kind of wierdo names a zucchini? Oh yeah, the same kind of weirdo who puts a zucchini in a dress....

    MorningGlory- 12 zucchini plants?! That would feed a small nation! No wonder the neighbors were hiding.

    Hanni- Now that I know they turn orange, I'm tempted to try carving them into Jack O' Lanterns for Halloween. I could grow a whole army!

  9. Shannon, Very, very clever post. My husband and I both got a good chuckle out of it. Carolyn

  10. Hilarious! I can see the baby/zucchini picture on a Hallmark card. I'm glad to see you finally made it do some chores. Bet it wants to be a couch potato when it grows up!


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