Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bye Bye, Photinia

We finally made the decision to move the Photinia.  If you recall, they were planted against our garage and just did not fit.


The executive decision was made (and by "executive decision", I mean that we had the backhoe attachment on the tractor and were like "Now what?")... the executive decision was made and they have been relocated.

On the move...

They are now living on the far side of my riding arena, where they can grow and be big and beautiful and not cover the garage.

Happy Photinia

And now for the big question....

Climbing roses, or bush roses?

(I'm partial to climbers, myself)


  1. Climbers!! Going to look beautiful!

  2. I love that you made the executive decision and got rid of the photinia. Either way you go, roses will be so much prettier!

  3. Both would be very pretty. Would you build a trellis for climbers? I love my climber but it is also more work than than the others. Either would be beautiful-

  4. I vote for bush roses under the windows and climbers far sides and middle. Or some nice Italian Cypress on the outsides, climbing rose in the middle between the windows and another type bush under the windows. Oh, the possibilities I can think of when the budget isn't mine!
    Sweet chicken photos on the sidebar!

  5. Easy come, easy go...

  6. Good move. Photinias grow into trees eventually. Bush roses gets my vote, planted not too close to the building so they have room.

  7. I'm partial to climbers, and climbing roses even more too! This year I finally stopped feeling like a murderer when I ripped out perfectly healthy plants. I've just decided fine, I'm a plant murderer. But you are ugly/invasive/wrong color/wrong shape and you just have to go. I only feel guilty now when I see them in the plant graveyard area 5 weeks later still hanging on to life with their rootballs.

  8. ps... I saw recently that they have put some knockout stock on trees, and I saw some planted in front of just such a wall, and they looked very very good. Solved the height issue.


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